Sep 10, 2012

Restaurant Cafe Mini Library- Kwang Sang House 廣生洋服

In Penang Island, theme-concept cafe is growing like the mushroom after the rain. Pop-out every street. 
With the benefit of being heritage site, those cafe has their own style. 
For this post, I am going to introduce a tailor shop concept cafe.
It is a tailor shop that transformed into a cafe yet still keeping the originality in the shop. 

Take a look at their FB page : Kwang Sang House 廣生洋服
Located  at Leith Street near Love Lane and Lebuh Chulia.

They serve Asian fusion food, pasta, pizza, western delight, cakes, coffee and tea. Not to mention beers too.
It is quite surprise to know that it is actually own by Behind 50 cafe. It is their branch. Unfortunately i still haven't visit Behind 50.

Once you step in, on your left hand side, they displayed the old style tailor used materials. And a small board menu too.

It has two dining area which is ground floor and upstairs. Upstairs is a mini library whereby you can enjoy reading there. And they prepare all kinds of reading materials too. If you wish to taste their food they will suggest you to dine ground floor. But if already full house then upstairs welcome you too.

You can definitely spend your whole lazy afternoon there.

Lets share what we have that night. We decide to share share. You all may try it too.
This chicken and ham pizza (RM20) if not mistaken. It is a really thin one. And so crunchy the outside layer.
Taste nice and acceptable.

Chicken and Ham pizza
So sorry that i forgot what this called. A pasta of cause. Haha. 
Cost RM15.90. Creamy enough. May have a try.

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For western delight, we ordered Fish in the oven (RM18) if Im not wrong. Name really a cute one.
Seriously it taste nice. With some grapes flavour and surprisingly it taste match. It serve with mashed potato and salad.
Fish in the Oven
For drinks actually nothing so special. They have coffee, smoothies, mocktail, juice and beers.

Yup, another cafe choice for you to spend your lazy afternoon. Price maybe slightly higher. Try it when you have free times.
Happy Dining Guyssss!!^^

Kwang Sang House 廣生洋服
36, Leith Street
10220 Penang.
Tel no:  0125565509/ 0124939230
Biz Hours: Mon-Wed 6pm-1am
                 Fri-Sun      12pm-1am

                 Close on Thurs.

Aug 17, 2012

First try and surprisingly nice- Station Cafe Big A

Sometimes if there has too many choices to choose from, it maybe a trouble. Haha.
This cafe I found it accidentally. Went to Bagan that day. and looking for restaurant to dine in. 
I spotted this cafe.

A cafe that is suitable for hanging out and chit-chatting. Free wifi provided. You can spend your long lazy afternoon there.

The food selection is definitely seriously lot. From local food to western food to thai food. You name it you find it there. Take a look at their menu. They serve breakfast as well.

Let me share with you all what had me and my mother ordered that day.

Char Hor Fun RM5.90
Bolognese spaghetti RM7.90
Slightly sweet.

Fried WanTan RM2.90
The tasty food had successfully attract me to pay them 2nd visit.

Choco Banana Ice Blended RM7.90

Salted fish Char Bihun RM5.90

Maryland Chicken Chop RM12..90
Well, the price may be slightly higher. That's the pricing for those cafe. Service charge is subjected to 5%.
A worth trying cafe.
Happy Dining everyone.

Station Cafe Big A
3G&3AG, Jalan Bagan Jermal
12300 Butterworth.

Tel: 04-3108002

Business Hour : 8am-12am daily.

Aug 13, 2012

Best Bak Kut Teh in BukitMertajamTown.

Bak Kut Teh has became Malaysian all time favourite. It is something like herb soup cooked with pork bones. With those pig organs as the ingredients. Chinese just love pork no doubt. HAHA.

As a BM kia, we have the best BAK KUT TEH in town. My family all time fav.
Located in Desa Damai. 珍珠市.
Opposite the shop, there is another one. with the same name. Heard that is his brother that operated it.
But they don't have the crowd. Just go in the one that has more customers.

Priced at: (reasonable)
RM8 -single
RM14- small
RM22- medium
RM33- large

They do have side dishes as well. Highly recommend the TouFu. 


Some may prefer the opposite one. 食王(槟城)肉骨茶. Its really up to your taste la. As for us we do recommend what I posted in this post.

Jalan Tembikai, Taman Mutiara 
14000 Bukit Mertajam.

Aug 11, 2012

Melacca Delights- Chicken Rice Ball & Satay Celup

I bet everyone who travel to Melacca sure aiming for these 2 local delicacies.
You cant find them in other states except Melacca. The origin.

Chicken Rice Ball 鸡饭粒 

Actually you may find alot of shop lots that selling chicken rice ball. Every shops' posters are almost the same. Saying them has the best chicken rice ball in town.
For us, we went to 中华茶餐厅...the locals that told us is delicious.
Just opposite 三叔公...and its always fullhouse.

We ordered half part of chicken. with 3 plates of rice balls that contain 5pieces each.
The chicken is the water-boiled chicken.

Actually i was always wondering. : How am I suppose to eat this?? Chicken 1st or rice 1st.?or make the smash the rice into normal one. The rice is kinda sticky, so if you smash it, it wont be nice.

18,Lorong Hang Jebat
65200 Melaka.

Business Hour :7am while stock last..

Satay Celup 沙爹朱律
This is absolutely an unique one. We went to Restaurant Ban Lee Siang. 
The famous one and shorter the Q.

For us in Penang we would call it Lok-Lok. But we just boiled the ingredients with water and deep with satay sauce.
This one we boil it with Satay sauce. Maybe some cant accept it as the satay sauce being boil over and over again.

The ingredients provided. Pick as you like. RM0.60 per sticks.

See it looks really nice when we boil all the ingredients all together.

See how excited I am. XD

Restaurant Ban Lee Siang
45-E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee
75300 Melaka.

Aug 9, 2012

Melacca Delights- Nadeje Patisserie

Hi all, my friends and I just got back from Melacca and KL. 
It has been around 9years i never been there.Since primary school standard 6. 

For the recent post i will introduce some of the restaurant i went to in Melacca.

One of the famous dessert in Melacca would be this mille crepe cake.
Where to get it?? We went to Mahkota Parade outlet. While they have 3 outlets in Melacca all together.
Nadeje Plaza Mahkota, Nadeje Mahkota Parade and Nadeje Jaya 99.

Like their FB : Nadeje Patisserie

A cozy environment with nice lighting. Suitable for everyone who loves hanging out.

See, so England kind of design..

The outdoor area

Besides crepe cake, they also provide a variety of western food. 
For us, we came just for the crepe cake. These are the 3 that we ordered.
The original flavour is a must to order! Price at around RM9-RM10

The cheese flavour. Suite those who loves cheese and prefer not so sweet dessert. Really enough cheese.

Another one is the Tiramitsu flavour. Yummy, however i would prefer the Tiramitsu in cake and not crepe cake.

To enjoy high tea, you must not forget to order a pot of tea. 

For now all of their branches are in Melacca only. But I believe not long they may find their way in Penang.
Actually if you are so craving for crepe cake, you can get it from Northam Beach Cafe in Penang. 
It taste not bad also la. if you haven't the taste the one in Melacca.

Nadeje Mahkota Parade
Lot G23B, EG4 & EG5 ,
Ground Floor, 
Mahkota Parade 
75000 Melaka.

Contact No. 06-2843469

Jul 28, 2012

Heritage Uniquely Artistic Cafe- China House

Can you still remember your ex-high school mates' names?
Do you still remember who was the one sit beside you in the classroom? 
Maybe you are cracking your head now.
Why don't organize an ex-classmates gathering?
Here, try this heritage feeling cafe. Yup i meant one of the cafe in Penang Island.

3 heritage buildings that linked by an open air courtyard. I guess this would be the longest cafe i have ever been to. It had been divided into 14spaces comprising shops, cafes, restaurants, and multi-purpose theatre.

There are 2 entrances available. One is through Beach Street and another is through Victoria Street.
For me that day i walk in through the entrance at Victoria Street.
As you walk in through the entrance at V Street, the 1st section is the Canteen and Bar (12noon-midnight).

See the drums there? They have live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Then as you walk through, the 2nd section would be the Courtyard Cafe&Burger Bar (noon-11pm).
You can just relax in the outdoor backyard under those mango trees. 

The next section to discover is the Reading Room.
They have some magazines and books for your pass time and inhouse browsing. No borrowing i guess.

Next to the reading room is the Vine & Single and 14 Chairs.
They have a special wine selection but im not a pro kaki regarding wine. Anyway you all may discover your self ya.

The 14Chairs section is a unique concept. Some kind of private dining area. I manage to capture it as the door was open at the moment. Or else they will just keep it close. Lucky! 
This space available for rent for private parties and cooking schools.

Then, we came to the Beach Street Bakery (9am-midnight).
They prepared lots kind of muffins, biscuits, breads, pies and cakes. All made in the premises itself.

One of the cakes is a must to recommend is their Best Seller- TIRAMITSU
No doubt is a tasty one but for me, my personal opinion la. It is kinda sweet. If you can accept the sweetness then is all right. You will love it.

Then next to it will be the BTB & Restaurants (6.30-10.30pm).
They served western style dishes and some fusion one too. Erm, seem like i unable to capture that section. 
So sorry!.XD

Then the last section also the 1st section through the Beach Street entrance is the Kopi C.Expresso (9am-midnight).
An Australian style that serve breakfast all day.

While the upstairs of the Bakery area is the Art and Theatre. 
They provide space for art gallery, serve as an art platform . They are art lovers. If you are artistic kind of people then you may find it interesting.

Another thing that is unique regarding this cafe is that you can enjoy drawing on the table.
They prepare mahjong paper on every table and crayon as well. Do your drawing there.
Who knows maybe one day your drawing may be hanging on the wall. 
Okay i admit that i am suck in drawing.XD

China House
153&155 Beach Street 
183B Victoria Street,
Georgetown Penang.

Tel : 04-2637299

Business hours: 9am-midnight